Heather Smith


About Heather

Internationally, she is renowned for her singing/songwriting talents -- but this lady has many interesting and diverse abilities.  She is a continuing Homeopathic/Holistic study.  Heather is a Registered Natural Health Practitioner (RNHP), Registered Nutritional Counselor (RNC), a Registered Reflexologist (RRPr), Certified Iridologist, Reiki Master and Certified Bowen Therapist.  Click on the "Reflexology and Wellness Naturally" button for additional information on healing modalities offered by Heather Smith.   


Heather believes that if you do what you love, people will love what you do.  So far, this has proven to be true for her.  


One thing for sure, she considers herself to be very lucky in life - (defining "luck" as preparation meeting opportunity).  


Heather won't take all the credit for her success; she has built an amazing network of talent -- together achieving excellence for clients.   No matter what industry Heather supports, her goals and aspirations are the same -- to deliver more than the client expects.


On a more personal note:  Heather is passionate about giving back to the community through her hands-on participation in charity events such as:  local Community Living organizations, Children's Wish Foundation of Canada, Autism Ontario - Halton, Good Bears of the World, and food drives.   Whether she is performing with her band to raise funds, or working behind the scenes to develop the advertising and promotional campaigns to kick-start these programs, her sleeves are rolled-up and she's committed.  When it comes to leading special events, her reputation precedes her.  She has a proven track record for delivering exceptional results and is well known as a value added team player -- one who continually empowers others and has the innate ability to bring the best out of everyone she works with. 


Heather was honored and privileged to be requested to perform for our troops in Bosnia a few sleeps ago. This tour was an experience of a lifetime, leaving her with very heartfelt, lasting impressions.  As Canadians, we have so much to be proud of.  Heather has made a lot of new friends from this particular tour - men and women who are still risking their lives in an effort to make this world a better place; some of whom are now in other countries of political unrest, to support the efforts of stabilization.   Heather has been on standby for another military tour and would be honored to participate.


On the lighter side, Heather is often requested to perform tributes to artists such as Shania and Cher -- She enjoys the experience and said, "performing tributes to icons like Cher and Shania are as entertaining for me as it is for the audience.  There is nothing more enjoyable than stepping outside myself to play a character on stage." 


It goes without saying that Heather's passion for life and creative talents have few boundaries.    


You must listen to her latest CD project, "One Penny More." Nine of the 13 tracks were written by Heather and her collaborative writing partners.  You might even think that some of these tracks were written about you!   There's a little bit of Heather in each of her songs ............ Order a copy today, proceeds go to charity. 

Reflexology, Iridology, Reiki, Hot Stone Massage, Bowen
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